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Everyone wants something totally different from a trip planner. I can create a trip that meets these needs! I listen to what you want. I take notes on where you want to go. We discuss what type of experience you want to have: luxury, feels luxurious but is affordable, trip of a lifetime, cheapest possible with the best bang for your buck, or a Couchsurfing excursion that immerses you into the heart of the culture staying directly in the home of the residents of that country.

Sometimes I just meet with clients to discuss what sort of travel is possible in their lives and some clients I help them hold the excitement of their dream in a constant state of the present. 

Who I love working with is clients that want to dream, examine what is possible, and expand their minds to begin to understand new cultures beyond their own. This type of travel is not just clicking a picture at top city hot spots and moving on to the next attraction just so you can say you have been there. You can sign up for a canned tour if you want that with someone else! I want to work with people who really want to taste the local cuisine, meet locals, promenade through the city’s parks, explore the nooks and crannies of a cobble stone street, have café like a real Italian, paint landscapes at dusk, hike through a Spanish gorge, meditate in an ashram, and fall in love with a culture.

​What can I do for you? I can help you plan as little or as much of your trip as you desire. If you wish me to design the whole thing you first pick out a place then we discuss how you envision traveling in that place. The next step is where you want to sleep: hotels, pensiones, luxury boutique hotels, hip hostels, B&B’s, or something else more exotic like a yurt or tree house. We talk about what you want to see: flamingo dancers, birds, ancient architecture, picturesque villages, castles, high-end design museums, quaint islands, foods of the worlds, a secret garden, temples, the cave of a holy man, or just float down a river in a thatched boat! The sky is the limit if you can imagine it.

​Once we get the basic picture created of your dream trip then I can help you work out the road map. How much it will cost, how far is it from A to B, how to get from A to B, and iron out all the details. If you wish I can also advise you how to pack and what to bring. Dealing with souvenirs that are too big to carry to your next destination. I can coach you on how to prepare for your trip by advising you about local, online, or the latest apps that teach you the local language, train schedules, and navigation systems. I can also advise you how to use apps for finding the best of everything in the country that you will be traveling to. Are you a reader? Might I suggest a fictional or non fictional book that might inspire your journey? Movie and documentaries are great ways to prepare for your journey too. I can help you discover these also. 

​Your job is to start dreaming! My job is to figure it all you for you!

​Bon Voyage!

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