Enchanted Princess Tour

17 Days = $3,745 adult + $2,255 per Child *see Bottom for Details

Dear Travel Friends,

I hope you are doing wonderful! I would like to invite Mothers and their daughters (six to twelve years) to a unique tour through Rajasthan that provides a fun filled and educational introduction to India.

If you are checking out my website for the Enchanted Princess Tour, I think you are a super cool mom that I would like to invite to this extraordinary tour, and I bet you even know other worldly moms and daughters who might enjoy going to India with me and my daughter Alexandra over Christmas break 2016. This will be my daughters second experience with India. She was born in India while I was working as a design professor in Mumbai. Due to her unique birth I wanted to reintroduce her to her birth country. A friend on mine encouraged me to create this trip for moms and their daughters.

So, are you someone who wants to get immersed in a new culture? Then this trip is for you and your girl! You will get totally absorbed in the North Indian culture. You’ll get to speak with people and families from all walks of life. This is the beauty of traveling as a small group utilizing local transportation and staying a small hotels!​ We will be travel will be by rickshaws, taxis, local trains, inner-city buses, and possibly elephants or camels!

I put together a daily agenda for the Enchanted Princess Tour so anyone interested could get a glimpse of what we will be up to. I have done extensive research for this tour. Last year I spent five month in India. I wanted to make sure this trip is safe, fun, and appropriate for our special princess and you! When I was traveling in India I saw many adult tour but not any child focused travel tours. As a traveling mom I want to share these amazing opportunities with my own daughter. I want to extend this once-in-life-time travel opportunity to you and your special girl.

Why did I limit the age of the children and just invite girls? I invited only girls because of the vast differences in interests between boys and girls at this developmental stage. India is a perfect place for girls who love animals, dress up, painting, exploration, yoga, and dancing! Most mom's know that similar age children that are developmentally at similar places play the best together, have many similar interests, and attention spans. Traveling with my daughter over the years I have learned that the trip needs to be about her and her own needs and interests. I am looking for moms that understand this and want to give the very best so their girls will enjoy this trip. I am also building in some mom alone time so that you have time to refresh. I will be watching your daughter during those precious alone recharging moments.

I have choose friendly homestays, havelis, and small hotels verses large hotels. Doing this you will meet the owner's families, many have children. Our girls will have a safe enclosed yard or courtyard to run around in the evening when moms need to kick back and relax. I am currently in conversation with homestays, guides, friendly elephant farms, locals, and trusted friends working out each and every detail. This will be a trip of a lifetime. Our girls are only young once right! 

If India has been on your bucket list or a friends, this will be an amazing introduction to the land of opulence, sparkle, spices, diverse transportation modes, ancient culture, and so much more! Did I mention amazing moments for shopping and dress up! I am so a sucker for opulent saris being spread all over a display floor!

I enclosed a story of who I am because if you do end up sharing this tour with others I think it's important for possible moms to get a sense of who I am. Please, feel free to share this with some worldly moms who want to raise cosmopolitan daughters. This trip is limited at this time to only 4 moms and max 5 girls, plus myself and my daughter. Some moms might want to take both of their girls!

You will be responsible for your travel to and from Delhi. I will be meeting you when you arrive into Delhi at the airport. Please allow two days for travel both ways.

Here’s a list of items to bring: patience, an open mind, a willingness to experience lots of smells, adaptability, a sense of humor, a strong stomach, and bravery claustrophobic spaces (yes, personal space is almost non-existent in a country of over a billion people). If this will be your first taste of India it will be unforgettable and something you will cherish forever. And some of you may never ever want to go back. People either love it or hate it. Either way, it will change your life in an unforgettable and indescribable way. My wish for you and all my efforts will be to have India be embedded in your heart and soul forever so you want to come back again. I want us as mothers and daughters to be the future ambassadors of the world.

So if you’re in...I will be taking you to Rajasthan’s remote villages, ancient ruins, palaces, markets, food joints and much, much more! You and your daughter each will need to find a light backpack that's expandable for all your treasures. Pack it with a few modest cotton clothes, a sweater for chilly nights, some travel-sized toiletries, a journal/sketch book, and a small camera. LET’S GO (chelo!!!)

If you and your daughter would like to extend your stay in Delhi or anywhere else in India for a few extra days please let me know. I can assist you with this request.

If you are possibly interested in going on the adult only tour in January 2018 let me know. I will keep you informed. Let me know your travel needs and I can design that tour especially for you.

Sending you both so much gratitude.

17DAYS: 28 Dec 2016  - 13 Jan 2017

17 Day Tour Cost: $3,745 double occupancy for adult plus $2,255.00 for your daughter (granddaughter or niece), NOT including airfare to India, visa costs, and immunizations. This includes: food, beverages (non-alcoholic & beer), lodging, local guides & tour leader (Lisa), transportation and all taxes. Tour starts in South Delhi and ends south of Delhi Airport.

* This specific small tour is no more than 4 adults and 5 children, not including your tour leader Lisa and her 7 year old daughter Alexandra.

Register by November 1, 2017. Deposit is 10% non-refundable, a payment plan will be set up at time of registration and full payment is due by November 30, 2017. Anyone registering by June 1st will get a discount of $100. The earlier you can register the easier it is for me to obtain and reserve the best lodging.

Thank you!

Intentional Tourist

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