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Enchanted Princess Tour!

Tour: 28 Dec 2016 - 13 Jan 2017

Adult Cost: $3,745 + Each Child Cost $2,255

 Day 1: Delhi

Late at night (1 – 3AM) you will arrive into Delhi. You will be jet lagged. This day we are going to take it fairly easy. If we are a larger group we will probably stay at the JW Marriot super close to the airport. The kids can run around the pool or swim depending on temperature. Parents can lounge by pool and chill. Spa services are available at your own cost if you are interested. I’ll watch your child.
If there are just two sets of mommas and daughters we will stay at a homestay.

Possibly – Chhoti Haveli, Ahtushi Homestay, or Maya’s Nest. Here too we will have a lazy morning. We can take a walk around neighborhood; find a park for the kids to run, and or do some small close by sightseeing. Possibly visit the Quatab Minar. I want this morning to be a time of acclimatizing.

In the afternoon we will fly to Udaipur.

After dropping our bags off at hopefully sweet Mewari Villa Guest House we will walk down the lane for evening dinner in Udaipur. Maybe at Yummy Yoga which is a colorful place that boasts of Indian, Italian, Chinese, and pizza wow all-under-one-roof. It’s sure to have something for everyone even picky little ones and if they don’t like the pizza that there is also brownie al-a-mode that looks delish.

Day 2 – Day 3 – Day 4: Udaipur

We are in Udaipur! Whoopee! Let’s start exploring! Udaipur is a totally enchanting city with abounding shimmering lakes and places. It is every girls dream comes true! This romantic city boasts of miniature painting art schools, a puppet museum, puppet shows, a recovering animal hospital (for animal lovers), dancing shows, bazaars to shop at, fascinating markets, the City Royal Palace, temples, boat rides, and so much more!

Every tour day I can specialize for you! 

If you wish to break away from the group and take a cooking class, music class, or a solo shopping adventure go for it and I will help you arrange it!

I think an evening at the fabulous Bagore Ki Haveli dancing show will definitely be on the agenda! 

Last evening, we will most likely eat at the romantic Ambari restaurant that is set on Lake Pichola and overlooks the lit up Royal Palace at night. It not only has amazing food that I have tasted but twinkle lights too! 

Day 5 – Day 6: Chittorgarh

We will travel by car to enchanting and delightful Chittorgarh. It is a small village east Udaipur. We will be staying in the royal walled 8th century fort area perched on a steep hill that is only accessible through it's fort gates. We will be staying in an historic haveli, most likely Padmini Haveli & Guest House. A haveli is a court yarded mansion or home. You will feel very comfortable wandering the streets of Chittorgarh with our group or alone. It is a immense ancient fort area with a small village feel.

Day 7 – Day 8 – Day 9: Bundi

We will travel by car to adorable and delightful Bundi. It is a small village north Udaipur. We will be staying in an historic haveli, most likely Dev Niwas. A haveli is a court yarded mansion or home. You will feel very comfortable wandering the streets of Bundi with our group or alone. It is a tiny place with lots of shops, handicraft, and temples.

*Of course I expect all momma’s to be with their girls at all times unless other appropriate arrangements are made.

The two main attractions that we will do in Bundi are visiting beautiful Garh Palace and then going to see cool Rajasthani landscapes and cave paintings with my friend Mr. Kukki. He is a super fun guy who loves people and prehistoric things! There are extraordinary miniature painters here also. They might even give us some lessons. But if not they are enthralling to watch!
Day 10 – Day 11 – Day 12: Pushkar

Traveling by car, next we will explore historic and quaint Pushkar. This is a place to kick back into Rajasthani relaxation!

We are going to find some camels to ride. You can try out some yoga if you wish. There is shopping galore and loads of temples. But most importantly this is another relaxing town in Rajasthan. You will feel very comfortable day and night with you and your little person.

I will be getting a fantastic guide to take us around to the temples so we can explore and learn a bit about Hindu mythology and stories. If you did not get to paint yet you have another chance at Shiv Shakti Art & Handicraft. There are also opportunities to take a dance and music lessons! Personally, one of my favorite things to do is just wander around the streets, getting a glimpse into people’s homes and real life. Pushkar is an awesome place for this type of exploration. If you’re too timid for that you can enjoy chai lakeside at charming Pushkar Lake.

Day 13 – Day 14: Jaipur

Now of to bustling and colorful Jaipur! Here we are going to see one of India most beautiful palaces. This city’s kings and queens are still famous till this day. Are you ready to paint, love, feed, and ride an elephant? I have found the most loving elephant farm you can do just that!

Next day in the city: Amber Fort, astrologically mind blogging Jantar Mantar (looks more like a skateboard park to me!), maybe some temple if the kiddos are up for it, Palace of Wind so we can imagine we are princesses, and a great Rajasthani meal at the end of the day!

*If you would like to get away for some adult alone-time I would suggest the Anokhi Museum. It will be quite close to our B&B. If you love fabrics this hand block printing museum is a must! I went last time in Jaipur. I will watch your child.

If there is time… something I would really like to see –

Ladli Vocational Training Center:

Ladli vocational centre was set up by the long-established & very well-run organisation, i-india. the founders, the Goswami family, & their team of dedicated staff are doing an amazing job of rescuing, housing, feeding, educating these fortunate girls whose lives are being turned around. the girls are taught jewelry-making after school - this gives them a skill for life, enables them to earn money honestly and sets them up for a much brighter future. they grow in confidence, value education & many of them aspire to tertiary study so that they can eventually follow careers of their choosing. the atmosphere at the center is loving, warm, friendly - it is such a feel-good place. it's really great to be able to help this wonderful organization by purchasing the goods crafted by the girls who benefit directly as this charity has very low overheads. whilst there, visitors can also learn about the other projects i-india has set up. this is an opportunity to see what a difference even a little help can make to the lives of destitute &/or abused children. obviously, as a non-profit organization, they are unable to pay commission to drivers for bringing tourists there - just explain this to your driver & add a bit more to the tip you give him so he won't feel hard done by. Do yourself a favor, step outside of the usual tourist sightseeing square & see some of the real India in action - Indians with the advantage of education dedicating themselves to improving the lives of those in desperate need. (Review from Tripadivisor)

Day 15 - Day 16 : Agra

Travel to Agra to see the Taj Mahal! And a cooking class with the beautiful owner of the Homestay.

Day 17: South of Delhi Airport

Our last day is perfectly made for chilling out in India. One of my favorite places in India is a little Haveli south of the Delhi airport, Tikli Bottom. There is nothing there but a super small village of wheat growers, this delightful haveli/B&B, and a little school. It is owned by Martin and Annie. I have visited Tikli Bottom numerous times and each time I am enthralled. It has a great big lawn so the kiddos can run free. The alfresco meals are to die for with more choices that you could ever imagine! It is the perfect place to pack your bags for your flight home, drink local Indian beer, visit the horses, check out the local school, and celebrate a fantastic journey!


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